Alex Ruiz

Corrupting files on checkin?

Discussion created by Alex Ruiz on Apr 23, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2009 by Sujan Patel
A few years back, I encountered an issue when a user checked in a document in the vault where the SolidWorks document itself became corrupted. To fix the issue, I needed to check out the previous revision and make the changes again then check in the modified document. This "fixed" the issue but never actually addressed the cause of it. My memory of the incident is a bit fuzzy but I seem to remember being told that the SW document was more then likely corrupted during the transfer, probably due to losing just a single byte of the file. Since then, we have encountered this problem from time to time, maybe once every few months each time from different PCs, different users, different files and different project folders. I had just written it off as a nuisance but nothing that can be resolved.

As I said it was a rare occurrence, but the past two days I have had 4 different files by two different users become corrupt during check in. To be certain, I double checked all of the metafiles in the PDM VaultData and even extracted one of the problem files from the VaultData to see if it gives me problems outside of PDM. One file causes SW to crash each time with no error message. The other error message that the other files gave was "Unable to open document" (or something like that). Naturally our IT department claims that it is a PDM issue but I am convinced that it is a network issue. Has anybody ever heard of this happening?