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Hardware for Replicated Vault?

Question asked by Grant Mattis on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by Grant Mattis

We are updating our hardware at a replicated site. The information on the SW site is rather lacking for hardware requirements with replication. I have already reach out to our VAR so anticipate they will be getting back to me soon. I know there are often different thoughts on many of these items so want to ensure we think about these items from multiple directions to ensure we are covered.


We are only replicating the archive vault no SQL. IT has already spec'ed a server but it already doesn't match the SW site information. Has anyone replaced hardware at a replicated site recently and found specifications that work well? We have 12-18 users at the replicated site. The things I know I need help with that might be possible for input are: CPU Core count, CPU Speed, CPU cache, RAM amount, Hard drive speed (SSD or HDD etc..), Read optimized or mixed storage, RAID configuration. 


Much appreciated if anyone has some insights.