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Variable Profile Helical Sweep?

Question asked by Taylour Wargo on Oct 29, 2019

Hello all, i am designing a spiral staircase that needs some modifications that i cant find a solution for. The stair case stringers are constructed from sweep features. The profile is a simple 1" x 20.875" rectangle. The path is a 3DSketch made of convert entities from helices covering the floor to floor height and 270° rotation (.75 revolution) and sketches at each landing covering the last 90° before the next flight begins. Once the sweep is made i come in with a variable radius fillet feature to smooth out the sweep at the changes of direction. 


I now need the profile at the landing to be 3" deeper, and still have a way to blend back to the typical profile in the helical portion. I made a work around way by doing a couple extrusions and chasing them with more fillets. To spare myself from doing the same 4 features, at each of the 5 landings, i ended the sweep early and used a pattern to replicate the same bodies above. In doing so a lot of the entities that are used in the other parts of the assemblies have been lost.


Is there another option to do effectively the same thing but retain my attached references? 


If you have seen the problem and or a solution for this before i apologize, as finding the right search terminology has proven difficult. spiral stair stringer landing options