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SW2019 PDF failures

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Oct 30, 2019

Since upgrading 2016 - 2019 generating pdf files has become unreliable on all three of our seats.


This is a serious impact on us as our drawing issue system using macros to generate the pdf, dwg and step files automatically and file them automatically -  so the first we know is purchasing tells us there is no PDF.

Restarting solidworks seems to cure the problem, for one pdf maybe more.... the pdf "stop" seems a bit random.

There is no error message generated when the pdf fails, it just doesn't happen. Dwg files generated in the same way work every time.


File save as pdf fails also, once the pdf failures have started.
When we dont have a drawing we produce a pdf screen dump (file save as in part window) of the part and a step and stl file. The pdf of the part fails too once the failures have started.


So all the work saving we have had for a few years is lost, as we have to check the system to be sure we have a pdf.