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Realistic Fabric/furniture renders

Question asked by guy Luscombe on Oct 29, 2019

I'm a CAD designer for a luxury bed makers and for some of our prospective clients I sometimes have to make renders to show them what there beds will look like with different fabrics on.


These renders have to be able to be done relatively quickly (about 1 day from when they are requested) but still be quality and are sometimes used for presentations of new bed releases or for the website. I'm struggling with making them look 'hyper photo realistic' which other renders I see online seem to achieve (or is this unachievable without the render in situ?).


My renders have slowly got better by adding details like the bumps on the mattress with 3D textures in solid works and playing around with different textures and bump maps. however they are still not at the 'hyper realistic' standard I would like. Does anyone have any tips? I've attached some images below to see the level I am at. 


I'm rendering on :

- 1350x1080 pixels

- 110 resolution

- 500 passes


Bed set in Purple velvetvelvet is particularly hard to render as the shimmery look is difficult to achieve


Any hints and tips welcome,