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Insert 'FLAT PATTERN' property in to 'FORMED' BOM

Question asked by Zack Polovin on Oct 28, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by Zack Polovin

Hello SW users,


Our weld assemblies consist of formed, machined and just 'standard parts' (no forming or machining required).


However, our BOM properties (usually size) describe pre-machined and pre-formed state. For example, the description of a sheetmetal part will show it's flat pattern dimensions. 


Currently I create a configuration in the assembly and show parts in flat state (mates obviously blow up in this configuration), that way BOM uses the flat state properties.


Is there another way to link flat pattern properties without creating a flat pattern configuration in assembly?


I wish there was a simple way to link any configuration properties between configurations without the need of creating tables, equations or more configurations. 


For example, can the formed state description show the flat state description? 




SW2019 SP4