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How to calculate a quote for freelance jobs

Question asked by Sam Smith on Oct 26, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by Sam Smith

Hi Folks


So Im still in college and I've recently accepted a part time job for drafting custom parts for a RV manufacturer. It's pretty straight forward to start, I model simple parts like brackets, mounts and other bits and pieces and will move onto more difficult stuff as I go. Only very basic dimensions, not engineering drawings as these guys actually make the parts first and then get me to draw them, they need the drawings for documentation. These folks are pretty casual and just want me to model what I give them. 


I'm just struggling to gauge my speed at which I should be working as I'm not a power user of solidworks so I go at a slightly above beginners pace, and my numeration is partially tied to what my output is. I know a lot you folks would be lighting fast with modeling but how do you guys estimate a job/project and then quote off that? I know theres a hell of a lot of variation in term between different parts but whats the standard time you'd expect an average solidworks user to model something like a bracket and associated drawing?


I heard one guy say he estimates how long it will take, multiplies it by 3 and thats what he bills. I wasn't sure if he was joking or not!


Thanks in advance!