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Non Linear Dynamic School Project

Discussion created by Josimar Sánchez on Oct 27, 2019

In order to know if the results I am obtaining, the acceleration vs time and velocity vs time graph of Solidworks results have to match that of the experiment (I have attached). 


The way the experiment works is that the external load is applied onto the system . The system consist of two rectangular blocks, the smaller rectangular block is what is in contact with the ground and the big rectangular blocks is where the load is being applied too.


Would I use "roller/slider" of the bottom of the face of the small rectangular block? And for the load would I insert the data obtained from the Force vs Time from the experiment into the way the force behaves as a function of time "Variation with time -->Curve--> Create."




I have attached the experiment Force vs Time excel sheet and .dat file. I also attached a picture of the fixture on the small rectangular block. Finally I attached the solidworks files. 


small rectangular block: "Teflon block"

bigger rectangular block: " aluminum rectangular block"