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"[Not Open]" in Pack & Go and Save As window

Question asked by Agastya Gannu on Oct 25, 2019

Using SW API, I'm opening an assembly file("layout.sldasm") and adding sub-assemblies/parts to that file. Now, when I try to save this assembly using "Pack & Go", I only see the main assembly("layout.sldasm") in the window, refer to the picture below. Using Save As, Save As(include all references) -> Advanced window, I see "Not Open" message beside the components, refer to the picture below. I want to save this whole assembly along with sub-assemblies in a separate folder in order to not modify the original sub-assemblies.

When I do the same thing manually without using API, I'm able to do what I want and I don't see the "Not Open"  message beside the components as well.


What does "Not Open" message indicate and what could be the potential cause to this?


Note: Using SolidWorks 2017 version.