Amit Kumar

Events not triggered during exporting a file.

Discussion created by Amit Kumar on Oct 25, 2019

Hello All,


My question is regarding following events :

DSldWorksEvents_BeginTranslationNotifyEventHandler - Notifies the user program when the SOLIDWORKS applications starts to import or export a file. 

DSldWorksEvents_EndTranslationNotifyEventHandler -Notifies the user program when the SOLIDWORKS application is finished importing or exporting a file. 


To describe further , I performed following two different operations for example:


[Operation 1]: Open a SolidWorks Part File. Go to File->Save As. Select Save As Type(.dwg or any file format other than SolidWorks native file formats). Press Save.


[Operation 2]: Open a SolidWorks Part File . Go to Tools -> Export To AEC



I can see the above events getting triggered only during Import operation but NOT during Export operation. Could someone please help in understanding why the events not getting triggered during export operation ?