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Discussion created by Damir Galic on Oct 25, 2019
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Can you people unify fillet bead and weld beads and make them applicable in assemblies too?


What I was thinking about is the weld should:

- automatically chamfer corners in parts if added in part or assembly (for Y, V and similar welds) (optionally)

- make visual presentation of a real weld (same as current fillet bead in part) (optionally)

- be a virtual entity (not a feature)

- show in drawings as welds (either Y, V or fillet triangles should be visible - optionally)

- automatically marked in drawing or dimensioned (both optionally)

- when exporting to step optionally save welds as bodies or when importing to visualize (maybe each weld should have export property to define this)

- proper visual representation of contour at the top of the weld

- putting weld in already created grooves by selecting 2 chamfered corners