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Multi body part with weldments - very slow

Question asked by Ben Galili on Oct 25, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by Ben Galili


So i iave a miltibody part. Quite a heavy one... Its 16mb and it has additional parts inserted into it like inserts. Kt also has a big part inserted i to it. 

When i i wo on the part without converting it to weldments its working property and in an o.k speed. Rebuild tome of 2.5 seconds.

When I peess on weldments, and the weldments folders with the bodies are created in the tree top, the part becomes unresponsive. If i try to do anything which involves the heavy body (there are some inserts which have no problem) it takes about 30 seconds or more to responde.


Ill upload pars on Sunday since I'm not at work now.