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Combining two parts

Discussion created by Abubakar Dankano on Oct 24, 2019
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I have two parts I'm working with and I'm trying to insert one into the other. The first file is this stent and the second is the artery geometry both attached below. The general idea is to have the final version look like this image.

The only problem is, I need the stent and the artery to have the same diameter in the region where the stent sits. So my idea was to put a casing around the outer diameter of the stent to match the diameter of the artery, and use the flex feature to bend the stent so it can assume the shape of the artery. Then I can do a coincident mate to join them together. The picture below shows what I'm trying to say:

This method didn't work because when I bent the stent using the flex feature, the cross section of the stent changed from a circle to an ellipse, so I wasn't able to mate it with the circular artery. So does anyone have an idea of how I can do this correctly?