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SW 2020 and chain dimension

Question asked by Habib Ghalamkari on Oct 24, 2019

I was very excited when I first read SW 2020 has a new chain dimension for sketches.

Now my sketches may look like the dimensions in a drawing. All lined up and easy to read.


Well it seems I've been wrong. Or simply I don't know how to use it.


1- Why the Dimensions are not lined up? The second vertical dimension (23.8) is too far away from the others.

Is it a matter of space? I don't think so. The space between 24.0 & 5.9 is apparently different with the space between 24.0 & 25.6


2- Well if SW fails to line up the dimension in a straight line, I will do it manually. But No. If I drag one dimension, all the chain moves. How can I bring 23.8 a little bit more closer? I


3- Why I can't add the last dimension to a chain? In above image 30.3 is added with smart dimension. Chain dimension failed to add this.


4- Why all the dimensions in a chain are driven? What's the use of an all-driven chain dimension? Shall I use it as the Measure tool? 


5- Why there's no option to change a dimension to Drive or Driven? bellow is when I right click a chain dimension:



6- I can select to move a dimension from a chain to another chain, OR , to remove a dimension from a chain. 
Once I removed a dimension from a chain, how can I add it back to the chain?


7- I have added 11 dimensions, but not even a single point is fully defined. I can simply drag each point around. So what's the use of chain dimension?


Any kind of input/advice is much appreciated.