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Property Tab Builder flow down from part to drawing.

Question asked by Robert Eppig on Oct 24, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by Robert Eppig

I created in "Property Tab Builder" something for my part files - part no, name, material my, name, ....

I also created in "Property Tab Builder" something for my drawing files most the same info as in the part files plus a few other things.


When I make a drawing of the part the properties flow down into Menu - File - Properties - Custom tab.

However, when I use the side bar to access the properties in the drawing, I expected to see the properties that were already filled out at the part level flow down and I would only need to fill in things that were not fill in from the part.


Is this the way it is or am I doing something wrong in "Property Tab Builder"?  How do I get things to flow down?

BTW - SW 2018.