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How to Set Bandwidth in Harmonic Analysis

Question asked by Douglas Cole on Oct 24, 2019



I am currently working on analyzing resonance frequencies of a simple diaphragm. The diaphragm is in a 0 pressure environment with the only force acting upon the diaphragm being voltage which I have converted to coulomb force (electrostatic force).

When I am measuring to find multiple resonance frequencies, what value should I put for the bandwidth (I am analyzing the displacement response graph of the center of the diaphragm)? I fear that the higher peak of the 1st resonance point may `swallow` the lower peaks of the following resonance points depending on the number of measurement points I set.

Also, how does the bandwidth effect the slope of the resonance frequency?

I am trying to measure as accurately as possible so I can determine a proper operating range for these diaphragms.


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