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Set transparency on  Solid Body with texture

Question asked by Alexis Lebon on Oct 24, 2019



I try to set the transparency of my solid body with texture, my code:


Bodies = CType(CType(swDoc, PartDoc).GetBodies2(swBodyType_e.swSolidBody, False), Object())


For Each swBody In Bodies
   Dim nMatPropBody() As Double = CType(swBody.MaterialPropertyValues2, Double())
   If nMatPropBody IsNot Nothing Then
            nMatPropBody(7) = 0.75
            swBody.MaterialPropertyValues2 = nMatPropBody
     End If


But it does nothing, whereas for bodies with color that apply transparency...Morever, when transparency is enable that disable the transparency when my body have texture.

Any solutions?