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SW 2019 BUG? Custom properties Configurations incorrect - SW-Mass

Question asked by Zack Polovin on Oct 23, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by Sarah Dwight

Property tab builder I'm using this generic string for SW-Mass. 


"SW-Mass@@SW-Configuration Name@SW-File Name.sldprt"


Any file that was created in SW2017 or older, it converts this text string to specific configuration name and file name (you might have to close and re-open the property box to update). Working good!



Any SW2019 created file, it removes the configuration part of the string completely. No configuration means our drawings pull mass from whichever is the active configuration. This is a no go as the drawing weights are incorrect if the wrong configuration is active. 



SW2019 is having similar issues with configurations in other custom properties. 

Another generic text string for dimensions:


"D1@Boss-Extrude1@@SW-Configuration Name@SW-File Name.SLDPRT"


File created in SW2017 (gives correct value)


File created in SW2019 (doesn't convert to value, just repeats same string)


What is bizarre in the SW2019 file that has this problem, the property tab shows correct value:


Yet drawing BOM doesn't show the value, only the string:


Am I missing something?