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How to add perforated holes to curved geometry? 

Discussion created by Hamish Woyka on Oct 23, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by Jean Giacomoni

Hi everyone, 


Im trying to add perforated holes to the part attached and do not know how to curve the holes around the fillets. I have tried some of the pattern features the the curve driven pattern and the circular driven pattern but always result in errors and don't work. Not sure if the fillet is upsetting these features but I am a newbie to solidworks so I'm brought here. This part will be made from a perforated metal sheet and need to cut lots of small holes through the entire part including the rounded edges. I have attached some files of the part with (not completed) and without the holes. If anyone knows a way to draw this I would very much appreciate the help. 


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