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Numbers in smart dimension on top of each other

Question asked by Jesse Powers on Oct 24, 2019

I've got a sketch with some smart dimensions.  Two of them are not displaying correctly.  They should be 120 and 350, but they show up as 1 followed by the 2 and 0 overlapped, and 3 with the 5 and 0 overlapped.

other dimensions come in fine... 51.56 and 187.57, and some others I tried.


Any ideas?  Or is this just "why-Solidworks-why?!"



I think it's just the zeroes that are not taking space.  If make a 1200 long line, I get 1 and the 2 and zeroes overlapped.  But if I make it 1201, then I get 1 with 2 and 0 overlapped, then a 1 at the end.  If I put in 180.5, it's 1 with 8 and 0 overlapped, then .5 at the end.  But if I change the decimal count to 180.50, it's 1 with 8 and 0 overlapped, then ".", then 5 and 0 overlapped...