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Can I take a Vault View off-line using API?

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Oct 23, 2019
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I would like to take a Vault View off-line for data migration (they will be added to PDM after some file manipulation)  I'm rather new to Solidworks and PDM APIs so they feel different than what I'm used to.  I have been searching, but I must not be using the correct keywords. 


What I want to do (in C#) is the same as selecting Tools->"Work Off-line" from a Vault View.  


slightly off topic, but for the sake of context and "Why?"  the plan is loosely,

  1. go offline
  2. copy files from current live server to local vault view
  3. do a bunch of file naming and reference fixing (ashamedly)
  4. go back online
  5. add files ( )
  6. check in files in an order that stands best chance of getting all references to work.


Another reason for "Why?" is in the testing that I have been doing, the copying of files (other than using explorer drag and drop) seems to be too fast for the PDM server to keep up adding files.  That's our (mostly tech at VAR) best guess as to why not all files are added to vault when using tool like robocopy with threads >1.  So I'll just go off line and get files all ready, then online and add them.    This is inline with some correspondence from Solidworks via our VAR when asked about using robocopy for moving many files into vault.


Yes, doing this manually is certainly an option.  I would still like to know how to do it in API, that way I don't need to rely on me to remember to take vault view off-line before starting.  I'm good at missing steps, programs are good at doing what they'er told to do, that's why I like them.


Thank you.