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Solidwork Chassis to Abaqus using STEP file

Question asked by William Haase on Oct 21, 2019
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A team member for a school project set me this file to run some torsional rigidity analysis on using Abaqus. I was planning on converting it to a STEP file then importing to Abaqus as a 3D wireframe body. I have tried with both the welment file and the ball-and-stick model for conversion but neither seem to work. Even trying to open the converted step file back in Solidworks results in a "invisible" part.

Here is my current process

File<Save As< File Type: STEP AP 203< Options< Wireframe : Export sketch entities, Export Edge properties, Export 3d features

once in Abaqus

Import<Part<File Location< Step File< Combine to Single Part< 3D Deformable


The model is to say the least messy and the pipes aren't joined correctly leading me to think this is were the issue is stemming from. Any advice is greatly appreciated