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Drawing 2D and tab builder don't open in windows after windows update package KB4515871

Question asked by Gustavo Araujo on Oct 20, 2019

When I tried to start to open the 2D drawing (even with a new drawing in file> new) the program shuts down with a huge error. And the tab builder didn't start when I tried to open this directly.


When I contacted the company that sold me the program, they wanted to charge me for a problem on the program, for a program that I bought last year.


This started to occur after the windows update KB4515871.


I solve this problem, but I need an answer from the Solidworks company. Because the way I solved wasn't the best one.


This was solved by uninstalling the windows update KB4515871 (Windows Configurations>Update and security>Show update history>Uninstall update and choosing the package KB4515871) and I stopped all updates from today.


My solidworks is 2018 5.0.