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Want to use lasercut dxf file to create multiple parts

Question asked by Tony Linde on Oct 20, 2019
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I've only just learned about Solidworks which was recommended as one of the packages that might be used for creating sources for a 3D printer on my Art Foundation course (I'm a mature student & retired IT developer/manager). I've downloaded it and that's about the level of my knowledge so far! But I was wondering if it could be used to model a sculpture I have in mind, before I start gluing the pieces together.


I modified and used a downloaded Illustrator file of gear wheels to create a dxf file as the source to cut out the wheels on a laser cutter:

gear wheels

I have these wheels now in 3mm glossy black acetate:

16 gear wheels in 3mm glossy black acetate


I was wondering if it would be possible to import the lasercut dxf file into Solidworks as a drawing then turn that drawing into a model of all the wheels in 3mm acetate as in the pic above in a way that I could then manipulate each wheel into position to create a series of sculpture models - trying the arrangements out before building the final sculpture? If so, can you point me to any tutorials that would build up the skills I need to do so? And/or is there an extremely patient person here who might be willing to talk me through the process step by step?


TIA for any help,