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    Section view with curvature combs

    Kevin De Smet
      When designing a part that uses a lot of surfacing, showing the curvature comb on splines can be most useful. I'm not claiming to be an expert in surfacing, so this is just how I feel about them.

      Now - when taking a section view and moving the view back and forth, to see the gradual changes of the surfaces, can you also turn on a curvature comb?

      It would be like the intersection between the section plane and the surface(s) that plane touches, this might require more maths than a real-time moving the plane can give me. But I think it could be useful, if it's attainable.

      Discussion please

        • Section view with curvature combs
          you can do this using instant 3d+intersection curve. just create a plane parallel to the section you need, open a sketch on that plane, select the surface, got to tools->sketch tools->intersection curve , turn on the curvature comb on the intersection curve , exit the sketch, click on the plane to turn on instant 3d handle, move the plane using instant 3d handle , the intersection curve and it's curvature comb updates as you move the plane.
          see the attached screen capture.
          • Section view with curvature combs
            Kevin De Smet
            Thanks Tim, that does work, though it seems to reset itself if it passes from one surface to the next. The curve keeps updating as it should but the curvature comb disappears and I have to re-enable it.

            Not a major problem - but it kind of disturbs the work-flow.

            I'm pleased to see that it works in real-time, you can tell it's not easy for SolidWorks, but it handles it!