Felix Ducaffy

Meshing and surfacing a large number of points

Discussion created by Felix Ducaffy on Oct 21, 2019

Hello everyone,

Here is my issue. I need to create several objects with a really controlled roughness thanks to a 3D printer. To do that, I created a .txt file with a high number of points moddeling the top surface of my object. Now I would like to import it to solidworks, mesh it, create a surface and then finish the design before exporting in STL and printing it.


My problem is that Solidworks has great difficulties due to the number of points I use. I tried at the beginning files whith several millions of points, then I reduced to several hunderd of thousands (which leads to 330 000 faces in this case), but in every case it seems too much for Solidworks. Even if I succeed in creating my surface, it's so heavy at the end that I can hardly manipulate solidworks (it's lagging all the time).


Then, I would like to know if there is a way for me to do this without reducing too much the number of points. Even if the meshing and surface are still long it's not a problem, but I would need solidworks not to lag too much to finish my design (I tried to hide the object but then I can't really work on it...). Do you think that increasing my computer performances (by adding RAM) for example could solve the problem, or do I face here limits inherent to this software?


I join a file I try to use. This one is not that large but seems already hard for solidworks to manage it!


Thanks a lot