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Why won't my sketch auto connect?

Discussion created by Thomas Andersen on Oct 20, 2019
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Hi, I used Solidworks 2014, I believe it was, a long time ago. I felt it was much easier to use than the 2019 version. One thing I can't wrap my head around is this issue:


In the 2014 version, I could sketch a 2D item, and the cursor would let me show where to click in order to connect my lines to each other. 


This link shows how the cursor auto-connect:


SOLIDWORKS P-TUTORIAL #8: How-to Draw a Cone - YouTube 


We just got to use the 2019 version and when I sketch the same way the cursor won't connect to the line I drew... It's frustrating because I can't draw the simple sketch as I could before. 


Is there a setting I'm missing or what is wrong??