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Get drawing sheetsize without actually open the drawing

Discussion created by Xing Chen on Oct 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2019 by Xing Chen

Hi, we are not using PDM yet. We have a macro to the "Batch Printing" when drawings are released to shop floor. Basically the macro will find all the drawings within an assembly and then give drawing a proper date and project stamp, then print a hard copy of the drawing. 

I am in the process to release a project has approx. 200 drawings. Drawing sizes are varied from A to D size. I like to have all A size drawing printed first, then B size, C size and D size. Our drawing doesn't have a "Size" custom property and some drawing takes a long time to open. Is there anyway to retrieve the drawing sheet size without actually open the drawing?

I search Solidworks help file, it seems only Document manager can retrieve information without opening the file. But it doesn't have a function to do this.