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Surfaces Overview Tutorial - Problems with knit surface bodies

Question asked by Steve Ball on Oct 20, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by Christian Chu

New to SW.  Taking Surfaces Overview tutorial.  Attempting to perform the following commands:


Knit Surface - Joining the Base Entities

Join the surfaces you created with lofts and sweeps using the knit command. Knitting surfaces combines two or more adjacent surface bodies into one.

  1. Click Knit Surface on the Surfaces toolbar.
  2. Expand Surface Bodies in the Feature Manager design tree.
  3. Select all the surface bodies in the folder for Surfaces and Faces to Knit .
  4. Click OK.  (The Surface Bodies folder now holds a single surface body.)


Getting Rebuild Errors:  "There are no edges to knit.  Please loosen the knitting tolerance according to the gaps."  and also "The selected faces and surfaces cannot be knitted into one surface."


What am I doing wrong??