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freeform both sides of a solid, like plywood

Question asked by Nick Wernicke on Oct 19, 2019
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I am drawing a skateboard, which made of laminated sheets of wood and pressed in some kind of mold to give it a shape. The top and bottom surfaces of the sheet are equidistant at all points. I use sheet metal jogs to make the ends, which works really well and is very accurate to how the actual deck looks.


I am having trouble doing the middle, because the freeform tool only works on one surface at a time. I would like to mold the bottom surface to match the top surface without eyeballing the bottom. (I did a second freeform and made it look kinda similar). Is there a way to mold the bottom surface to the top surface so it is a perfect copy, rather than doing a second freeform? There should be a mold or copy tool. Or a menu select in the first freeform for freeforming both sides of a 3D surface. If I do the freeform first and then thicken, I cant use the sheet metal tool because the tangencies from the freeform wont be in the right place. I'm sure it has to be done in the order I did it to get the truck mounts right.