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Connection label issues

Question asked by Gary Sather on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by Gary Sather

Hi all. I am new to electrical.  I have a simple diagram for a harness schematic.  2 deutsch connectors connected by a cable.  I’ve assigned the connections etc.  my question is when I insert a connection label and assign it to a connector it auto populated the fields which I want. Example. Deutsch 1 is j1.  Deutsch 2 is j2.  It populated j1 pin 1 to destination j2:1. Great.  But the field for description is blank.  Nowhere can I find where it pulls this from so I can populate that field.  I would like to populate it with circuit label or wire color or something.  But I’ve looked in the settings for the Deutsch connector and the cable but nowhere to edit this blank field.  What am I missing??