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Macro for renaming part and referenced drawing out of an assy?

Question asked by Marius Jung on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2019 by Jerome De San Nicolás



I have a question related to renaming parts in the assembly feature manager. I want to rename a part that has a drawing attached. If I open the drawing before renaming, the reference is kept, so the drawing relates to the new part name.


Problem is, the "open drawing" button in the assembly feature manager doesn't work anymore when I klick on the renamed part, because the part has a differend name than the referenced drawing.


Is there a macro or is anyone able to give the code to automatically:


1. Open the drawing referenced to the part whose name I want to change, so the reference is kept,


2. Rename both part and referenced drawing, so they have the same name,


3. Close both part and drawing


Doesn't seem much like a problem to me, but since I have no clue on how to script a macro, It would be nice if anyone could help me. Already asked google, but didn't find what I need. Many thanks in advance!


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