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Thread tool: "Do not use them for production-quality threads." per SolidWorks

Question asked by Ben Rosow on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by Frederick Law

Choose the Thread feature and SW throws this message:


"The Thread tool Type and Size profiles are nominal thread profiles only. Do not use them for production-quality threads. To create production-quality threads, modify the nominal profiles to meet your design requirements."


Seriously?  So let me get this straight...The thread tool works just fine, but the thread profiles are sketched like you and I are drawing on a napkin.  So, to get production-worthy threads, one needs to alter the thread profiles from a standard source (ANSI, ISO, etc.) and draw it yourself?  To "meet your design requirements?"  I don't know about anyone else, but my design requirements would be for modeled threads to be compatible with existing standards.  Here's what comes with SW 2020 by default:


Stock SW thread types


My question is: "How hard would it be to have an intern look up standard threads and sketch them per the standard?"  How long would it take?  A week...if he/she had problems?  Then someone would need to check the library parts.  What, a day?  Two days? 


Be consistent and provide all the thread standards found in the Hole Wizard.  With cartoon threads, how are industry users supposed to take the Thread feature seriously?