Michael Paul

Assembly drawing with BOM table and multiple configurations

Discussion created by Michael Paul on Oct 17, 2019

I have an issue with creating an assembly drawing of an assembly that has multiple configurations and how to properly add the balloons.


I can very easily get my assembly BOM table to show each configuration and the appropriate part count and list but when it comes to the balloons, it doesn't want to list every part.


I can solve this by effeictively adding each version of the part to my default, adding balloons to my stack and picking each part, then hiding each part because I don't want to physically see them.  but this is very tedious and starts to create a confusing assembly model.


what am I missing?


Yes, I understand that part A and B are different but in terms of my balloons, I just want the arrow to point to the same part because other than minor differences, they are the same for the drawing view.  the detail on which part the user wants comes from the BOM table.


I've attached a simple drawing comprised of an assembly.  the assembly has two parts, 4 different versions.  each part has two versions.


I've also attached an image of what I'd like in terms of the balloons.


any help would be greatly appreciated because I just don't know what to do.  I don't want to have 4 separate drawing views when everything can be explained by one.