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RTX Support in 2020 (and 2019 sp05)

Discussion created by Ron Bates on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Alan Sweetenham

Hello Vizzies... for those who may not follow/see the SOLIDWORKS blog posts, I wanted to call your attention to this blog post from last week.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize Introduces RTX Acceleration 


2 main points:

  • For those with RTX cards, you should see some good performance boosts.
  • You'll be prompted for driver updates as a result of the underlying changes in iRay (goes for 2019 sp05 and 2020)
    • We're still working on getting the (HUGE matrix of) professional cards/laptops certified so you may not find newer drivers certified on our page yet...  (primarily laptop systems lagging behind at the moment) So as the post says, see NVIDIA site for suitable driver.