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Why can't I do low-angle / obtuse bends in sheet-metal?

Question asked by Steven Mills on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by Steven Mills

I've starting making sheet-metal in SW2018 and did my usual pulls with the edge-flange tool "". But now I need to change one of the bends from 90 deg to 80, and I am getting this;


Even if I put in 80deg by directly changing the dimension, the feature is in error and refuses to be built.


Is making the flat then using the Sketched Bends tool "" the only way to get less than 90deg bends now, or do I have a setting I need to change? And if so, what do I do when I need to change the edge-flange angle without re-making the part?

Side question, I thought you could use the edge-flange tool to make less than 90deg bends in previous versions?