Tom Strohscher

PDM file location for TIF or PDF copies

Discussion created by Tom Strohscher on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Christian Chu

I'm working on setting up a convert task for tif or pdf copies or our drawings.  I may also do something for stp or stl files.

I have been experimenting with the convert tool and have the basics functional.


Now I'm thinking about categories, workflows, data cards, folders, and permissions for these files.


Should I store these files in separate "published" folders for the view only users and control access with folder permissions?   (May also need categories and workflow to separate files more)


Or do I mixed the files in with the SW CAD data files and use workflows to control view access?


These files are intended to be used by non-engineering people, purchasing, marketing and sales departments, mechanics, machinists, and machine operators...


Are there better options?   What are some of the pros and cons to these ideas?


Many of our CAD file folders have 3,000-4,000 files in them already.  Adding another copy of each document could be another 50% to each folder.  (browsing big folders takes time)


We also have many drawing from the drawing board days or other cad systems that have been scanned and need to be merged in.


Does anyone have any best practices or things to stay away from when trying to create "published" files.