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and the @$@!$! Lights go out

Question asked by Tim R on Apr 22, 2009
Latest reply on May 11, 2011 by Tim R
It just happened again, I am on Vista Business x64, using the latest video drivers for my video card, Quadro FX 3450 and working fine, I open assemblies, drawings, and parts with no problem since with 64 bit memory it is much better managed than it used to be. AND then it happens.. I open maybe the 6th part file and the @@%@$ lights go out - the graphics window in that particular file window goes out.. goes completely black and it's like working in the dark I can reach out with the mouse and select surfaces and vertexes and lines but the window is totally black. This happens more now that memory loss/hogs not a problem... mostly a daily occurance so that what used to a be a memory limitation has morphed into a video resources problem.. when is SW going to address this lousy support they have with video? Don't tell me to use the latest approved drivers for my card.. they are from 2008.. why should i go back 6 months in drivers when the lateset for my card were released at the end of last month? why isn't there someone at DS/SW who makes sure SW is compatible with the latest drivers instead of ones that are 6 months old?