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Link BOM cell to weldment properties

Question asked by Brady Balzan on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by Jason Young

I have created a custom BOM to use as a schedule of openings for our pressure vessels.

The BOM lists out all of the flanges in a vessel and the properties relating to the flange.

When we use multiple weldneck flanges in a vessel we create the pipe as a multi-body weldment vs. separate parts per, (due to speed) The pipe weldment can contain multiple sizes and multiple material grades.


What I want to do is in the same row of the BOM to be able to break the link of material from the flange, and link it to the pipe material. I know you can link it to a selected parts custom properties but, we don't have the option to link the weldment properties of the part.


I know I could create a bunch of properties for each body within the part but, that just adds time.


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