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If I know a flat pattern, can I make a 3d model from it?

Question asked by James Domm on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by J. Mather

Lets say I want to replicate a shovel spade. Due to the circular curvature of the spade in combination with the bent ridge down the middle, measuring this will be quite difficult. However, what I could do is tape some paper to the shovel and trace the outline, giving me a flat pattern. Could I then take that flat pattern and bend it while retaining the proper dimensions?


Edit: A backwards way to do it would be to start with a really small base flange, add a small bent edge flange, then add another 2 edge flanges with huge bend radii, then flattening the shape and cut-extruding the profile from the paper. While this is no simple part, I was hoping the solution would be simpler than what I figured out