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UPDATE: Center leader on triangle balloon

Question asked by Albert Hamilton on Oct 16, 2019

I few weeks ago I posted on this forum to ask about getting leaders (arrows) to be in the center of the triangle. With assistance from Nadia, my local SOLIDWORKS expert, I was able to document (video) and send this to issue to SOLIDWORKS.


SOLIDWORKS did confirm that this was an unintended behavior. They reopened SPR 896213 to get this fixed.


If this is something that you also have issues with and would like to see it corrected (fixed) please feel free to add yourself to this SPR, through their VARs. This will keep the momentum with product development.

As a workaround, they recommend that you can use Flag - Triangle and add multi-jog leaders. This way the leaders are attached at one point and do not move when the balloon is moved.


Thank you Nadia and everyone here who has assisted me in trying to get this corrected.