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Get a Lower Case "x" in an ASME Metric Thread Callout

Question asked by Dwight Livingston on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Dwight Livingston

Many forum threads about thread callouts, and here is another.


I have finally rolled up my sleeves and taken on the task of customizing hole callouts for our users. Actually, it all went pretty easily, and I have the "calloutformat.txt" file as I want it, but I have this one remaining issue, as shown in the thread callout here:


As shown above, the "X" in the thread callout is uppercase, but I would like to follow the ASME Y14.6-2001 standard and have a lower case "x", as in "M5x0.8-6H". I have gone into the Toolbox Settings tool and confirmed that in the Hole Wizard page, the values in the "Thread Description" column do have lower case x's. I did some test edits to confirm that my drawing callouts do indeed use those values in the "Thread Description" column. In my document settings, I do not have capitalization turned on.


Anyone know how to fix this?