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Question asked by Doug Perzyk on Oct 15, 2019
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I just recently got a new computer. It has an I9 processor and 64Gb of RAM. Liquid cooled as well. Overall a very fast system. However, our IT department chose the wrong graphics card. They bought an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080 Ti. A great card if I were going to play video games all day instead of modeling... So, after a dragged out debate and some time educating or IT department on how CAD computers differ from gaming computers in regards to graphics cards I now have an NVIDIA Quadro GTX 4000 card on order. So I'm stuck working with what I have for a few days. Ugh... Anyway, I'm experience very sluggish performance in both the model I'm working on and the drawings I'm attempting to make. More so on the drawings side of things. So my question is this, is the lack of a proper graphics card dragging my performance down or do I have another issue? If I install this new card and am still experiencing poor performance I'm going to get the "I told you so" from the IT guy as he insists that the GeForce card he bought is superior to the card I ordered. Any help is much appreciated.