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Opening referenced documents- and lots that are not

Question asked by Matt Wallace on Apr 22, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2009 by Matt Wallace
I have an assembly that contains parts that have cavities. I can open and save the assembly without a problem. If, with no other files open, I open one of the cavity- containing parts, it opens the assembly and every cavity containing part in the assembly, and some (not all) other parts. In this case, I end up with 17 open files, none of which have been changed. "Open referenced documents" is set to 'changed only', if I set it to 'none' this doesn't happen. If I open the part out of the assembly, this doesn't happen. When I open the part with nothing else open, it wants to open a smart feature component (even though the reference to the component has been deleted), it also can't find a referenced virtual component (referencing the original temp file), and I answer no to this. After everything is open, all the files are happy with no action from me, no lost references, no errors. I can then close all 17 files, none of which give me a message that they have changed in any way.

Anyone with a clue what is going on? I have seen similar behavior at least once before, but not this bad.

These cavity containing parts are part of a generic fixturing part family that I copy to individual project directories and then customize as needed, so they get used a lot and this usually doesn't happen. I would like to know what I have done this time that is causing this.