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Text with draft on a curved surface

Question asked by Mikko Laine on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2020 by Mikko Laine

I'm trying to model this kind of stamping tool. The Wrap-feature will do a quick and dirty version, but what it lacks is a Draft on the straight sides of letters.


A workaround I came up with is to do a reqular "Extrude Boss/Base" with "Draft" enabled on a planar surface that corresponds to "unwraped" curved face and then Deform those individual solid bodies on to the curved face.

Problem with this is that if (and when) I need to change the text the Deform will fail as it won't allow me to select the whole "Boss-Extrude3" as a "Bodies to be deformed".


Any ideas how else I could accomplish the same so that I would be able to change the text and wouldn't need to pick out the separate bodies one by one?