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nitro pro macro

Question asked by Chris McVitie on Oct 15, 2019

Hi, I have had trouble recently trying to use my PDF/DXF macro which I use for my drawings. As a company we all upgraded to 2019 along with new computers and a new PDF viewer, Nitro pro, it seems that the macro sometimes loses its link to Nitro unless I close all my solidworks and restart it again. This then works for two drawings max and loses the link again.


I contacted the support company we use and I seemed to get to the bottom of this, but again today I am having the same problems. I uninstalled Nitro Pro and then reinstalled it to see if this would work but still after a couple of times using the macro the link to the PDF's is lost. I have also tried to do a save as on my drawings and changing the file type to PDF but again this doesn't work.


Can anyone help with this problem or know of any similar problems they may of had?