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Someone Please Help Me with Time-Sensitive Simulation!!

Question asked by Erika Nuss on Oct 15, 2019
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Please someone help me with this simulation!


Objective:  Overall, I need to find the 3 independent values at which failure occurs due to 3 independent bearing load forces (each with differing accelerations – lateral, vertical, and longitudinal). 

Background:  This assembly is a 3-piece socket that is recessed into a ceiling panel and secured by rivets.  A top of a stanchion will interface with the ceiling socket and the bottom will interface with a floor grating.  The stanchion is to hold cargo in place on a ship at sea.  We were asked to determine the when socket will failure given 3 different, independent accelerations (lateral - .55 G, longitudinal - .28 G, and vertical – 1.52 G).  All loads should be applied to strong axis of the stanchion.

Issues:  I am having trouble setting up the parts properly for simulation, determining where the fixtures should be, and how to properly apply bearing loads.


  • How do I setup my parts correctly so that the assembly is not under-constrained or over-constrained? (Make sure my parts are also shelled, solid, surface bodies, etc. where needed)
  • Where should my fixtures be placed for this application to run an accurate simulation?
  • Can I apply 3 independent bearing loads (given 3 separate accelerations) into 1 study and have the study give me results for each? Or do I need to create 3 separate studies?
  • Do I need to add a component to represent the ceiling that the socket is recessed into so that I may add connectors (such as pins) for the rivets?
  • Should welds be taken into consideration? If so, help with adding welds, as SW would not let me choose the edge where the weld should be.
  • When trying to find point of failure, do I need to keep adjusting the force value until it says it failed, or will SW automatically keep calculating until it reaches that point of failure?


I know this is a long list, but I this is a time-sensitive project and I am not familiar with SW Simulations.  I am learning as I go.

Thanks in advance for the brave soul who is willing and patient enough to help me out!!  Please reach out for additional SW documents/files.