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Is it possible to evenly space tabs on sheet metal edge?

Question asked by David McCullough on Oct 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by Solid Air

I have a sheet metal part that will have several different length configurations. I want to place 4 tabs evenly along an edge that are 4" wide each. Tab and Slot Feature does not seem to work because there is no face for the slot to be. I need only tabs, not tabs and slots. 


I want this as effortlessly as possible, i do not want to have to do the math to divide 4 tabs evenly on 10 different length pieces and then have to redo it when the design changes. I thought to edit the sketch for an edge flange and do a curve pattern to get the tabs evenly spaced, but a curve pattern or sketch pattern error out. When using a Sketch pattern or a Curve pattern, an error pops up saying "Geometry Pattern Results in Disjoint Bodies". If i uncheck Geometry pattern, i get the error "Cannot find matching edges/faces on the body to apply Mirror/Pattern of this sheet metal feature." If i try to select the EdgeBend, a popup says "Unable to select the feature EdgeBend2."


I seem to be able to do a linear pattern of the edge flange perfectly fine. But this is a fixed length and will not update when the part length is changed(or at least that i can figure out).


Does anyone have any suggestions or work-arounds?