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Moldability question - side action passing through the B-side core?

Question asked by Ryan Feeley on Oct 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Ryan Feeley

Hello Everyone!

I'm in the conceptual design stage for a plastic part that will be injection molded and I have a question about locating a pair of side holes in neighboring internal protrusions.


(This model is just mock-up representation of the feature in question. It has little to do with the actual product. At a high level I need to general an internal pivoting feature).


The attached part illustrates the feature in question. Can the circled pair of holes in these internal structures be generated by a single external side action core pin that passes through corresponding side-holes in the core (so steel-on-steel in places)? If so, what sort of shut-off and drafting considerations would need to be made and can you point me to any design guidelines or reference designs for this sort of thing.


If an external side action is not suitable, or would just be a total headache for either the toolmaker or the molder, what other options are available? If I'd need a lifter for each side hole, I'll probably ditch this design concept.

Thanks a ton!