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Using an input card variable to specify folder on Office to PDF task.

Question asked by Logan Pegler on Oct 13, 2019

Hi All,

I've been trying to modify the standard Office to PDF task in order to convert word documents to PDF and save a copy inside PDM (as per standard functionality) and a copy outside PDM. The copy to be saved outside should be saved in a dropbox folder to easily send a link to our external suppliers. However this folder location will vary for different users, so I wanted to allow the user to specify the location when the task is run. I've tried to reference S-061104 and other forum posts however all the information I find seems to reference the Convert task (SWX to other file formats) not specifically the Office to PDF task and the scripting looks completely different.

I presume I need to combine the file path selected in the input card and the file path/file name specified in the task in some way but none of my attempts have worked. See below where "Selected_File_Path" is the variable the path is saved to from the input card.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.